View of the analysis of disease and healing in the readings

 Topic 1 DQ 2

There are many things in topics that show how peoples believe in God and spirituality can be related to modern medicine. Even though the world around us have become so much modern and with complication that many can come across such as infertility and then having a gift of God given to them through modern medicine. It all comes in place when people believe in divine power of God and have faith in power and then see their believe become reality is what makes it joyful and keep people faith in God alive even after hundreds of years.

Many cultures do not believe in modern medicine and to them God and its holy water can help get well and find cure for their illness. I have seen it work for people you can say its way of body healing by self or power of God helping them heal. It hard to give reasoning when you see modern medicine and then God doing its magic but then I do believe there is power above us that can help us heal with or without modern medicine.

Using 200-300 APA format with at least two references to support this discussion.

 What aspects of the topic readings do you find the most interesting? What is your view of the analysis of disease and healing in the readings? Explain. 

Analyzing adverse impact at super foods! assignment 2 | HRM634DLAU1P2021 Planning and Staffing | Park University



Analyzing Adverse Impact at Super Foods!

Unit Learning Outcomes

· Implement requirements of staffing system under employment laws. (1)

· Examine validation requirements for disparate impact. (1 & 2)


Read Chapter 3: Exercise 1. Strategy: Analyzing Adverse Impact. Mary was recently hired as an HR generalist at Super Foods, an organic grocery chain. One of her first assignments is to review the store’s data on its cashiers to identify if its hiring and promotion practices have had an adverse (disparate) impact on men or women. Mary generated the following reports (see 3 tables Chapter Exercises: Strategy: Analyzing Adverse Impact), from the company’s employee database to use in her analyses. Address what the data from each table tells Mary.

Use this information to determine whether there is evidence of sex discrimination for cashiers. Write a brief report explaining why there is or is not adverse impact. If there is, try to identify what might be happening and suggest ways the firm can reduce it.

Must include:

· Minimum 3 pages

· Minimum 2 scholarly outside sources, or professional periodicals, e.g. Harvard Business Review published within the last two years.

· APA format

Marketing strategies | Marketing strategies | University of Houston


After reviewing this week’s resources and your research, in your own words how would you explain idea generation and the role it plays in the new product development process? Share one method of idea generation and apply it to a product you personally use. (Do not reuse the examples provided in the video.) Remember that all new products are not truly new, but can be modified based on consumer feedback and/or moving towards a new market segment.


Peter, J. P., & Donnelly, Jr., J. H. (2019). A preface to marketing management (15th ed.). Columbus, OH: Irwin/McGraw-Hill.

W. Chan Kim, & Renee Mauborgne (2015).  Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant.  Harvard Business Review Press



Peter & Donnelly, 

Chapter 6 “Product and Brand Strategy”

Chapter 7 “New Product Planning and   Development”



What is Idea   Generation? Definition, Techniques and Success Factors

Week 8 Video: 

SCAMPER   Technique: Best Idea Generation Methods

Final topic | English homework help


Your Research Analysis  will address the following ideas:

Topic: Sexual Harassment in the Military 


  • Present a topic or issue relevant to your academic or professional field.
    • This will be presented in your introduction. Explain the overall background and background of this issue and include a well-constructed thesis statement that indicates your topic and the purpose you will develop.

Article 1

  • Discuss your first source article.
    • Identify the article, and then
      • Describe the perspective presented in the article. 
    • Summarize the article’s findings on your identified topic. 
    • Show how the article’s perspective contributes to your overall thesis.

Article 2

  • Discuss your second source article.
    • Identify the article, and then
      • Describe the perspective presented in the article. 
    • Summarize the article’s findings on your identified topic. 
    • Show how the article’s perspective contributes to your overall thesis.

Article 3

  • Discuss your third source article.
    • Identify the article, and then
      • Describe the perspective presented in the article. 
    • Summarize the article’s findings on your identified topic. 
    • Show how the article’s perspective contributes to your overall thesis.


  • Analyze the significance of the evidence cited and the connections you have made.
    • This will be presented in your conclusion. Connect the ideas presented to show why the topic is an important one, while highlighting your major takeaways from the articles and relating them to your thesis.

Discussion assignment-week 4 | Psychology homework help

just answer part one and two questions, Cite any sources in APA format. No PLagerism.

Part 1

Sexuality is essential to the way one conceives oneself. It may depend on one’s experiences and considerations that often fluctuate throughout his or her lifespan. It gets impacted by different biopsychosocial, economic, cultural, religious, and spiritual factors.

The textbook states that with the passing time, the emotional, intellectual, and physical aspects of sexual desire and expression become fairly stable in both genders. The Western views have equalized aging with dying, so most of the people probably have a confined view of aged adults as sexually active individuals. Unfortunately, our healthcare providers are also not exempted from these stereotypical attitudes.answer the following question:

  • Regardless of sexual orientation, how are men and women similar and different in terms of their attitudes toward sex and love?
  • Describe Sternberg’s Triangular theory of Love. Can you compare a relationship you have experienced to Sternberg’s theory?
  • How does a social cultural message add to the stereotypes toward sexuality in aging population?
  • Are there changes in the sexual behavior of the aged population?
  • Describe the changes in sexuality from puberty through late adulthood. Describe how a person’s definition and experience of sexuality and intimacy often fluctuates throughout his or her lifespan. What are some of the influences as it relates to “changes in sexuality from puberty to late adulthood”?

You may use the following article for your research:

Sternberg, R. J. (1986). A Triangular Theory of Love. Psychological Review, 93(2),

Part 2

Buss, Larsen, Westen, & Semmelroth (1992) studied the differences between the sexes as it related to feelings of jealousy and found that that neither sex was more jealous than the other. However, women get more distressed when they feel emotional infidelity and men get more upset with sexual infidelity.

  • Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • What is jealousy and what are the different types of jealousies?
  • What are the psychological dimensions of jealousy? Is jealousy always irrational? Can jealousy be based on fears?
  • How does jealousy hurt or help a relationship? How should you effectively deal with jealousy? What suggestions might you offer a friend to assist with managing one’s jealousy?
  • Your textbook presents two theoretical ideas about love that you may use when evaluating relationships. The sociologist, John Lee, describes six styles of love. What are these styles? Are there differences between the styles of women and men? How?


Buss, D. M., Larsen, R. J., Westen, D., & Semmelroth, J. (1992). Sex differences
           in jealousy: Evolution, physiology, and psychology. Psychological Science,
3(4), 251–255.

Packback week 1 | Computer Science homework help


Each week that a Packback submission is due you should:

  1. submit your own original question and
  2. submit a response to TWO other questions posed that week by your classmates

Try to make your submissions achieve a curiosity score of at least an 80 out of a 100. Here are a few things to ensure that you reach 80:

  • Don’t have spelling errors
  • Use paragraph breaks (and don’t type one long 350 word paragraph)
  • Include a link to an external source
  • Add a description (where you insert your text) 

 Week 1: Write a question about any computing or management topic that interests you. Respond to two questions posted by your classmates. (The purpose of this week’s assignment is mainly to get you comfortable with the Packback system.) 

                                              Classmates Post to respond: 


How should management teams handle post Covid workforce?

There is no question that Covid-19 changed how the majority of workforce will operate forever. Companies requiring employees onsite like health and industry have adopted more health safety practices to reassure their employees, while other companies have adopted a more virtual work life. As we approach year one of the Covid-19 pandemic, how will management teams begin planning for post Covid workforce. Will they adopt a permanent hybrid/virtual work schedule or will they send employees back to the office? How will the plan for office reentry if they decide to go back to 100 percent? How will the ensure their employees health and safety upon reentry?


What security issues have you faced with IoT devices?

More and more, IoT devices are making their way into our daily lives. Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant are interactive devices, while Apple “AirTags”, Tile squares, and similar devices constantly report data about us to their corporate handlers.

These devices and the data they collect are beneficial, at least in some way. Alexa can control the lights and thermostat, while the Tile square attached to the car keys helps prevent morning panic.

Most tools have a dark side, however. Some can be easily manipulated; turning off someone’s lights may be comical. Setting an early-morning alarm isn’t quite so funny.

Location tracking is of great concern to many. Location tags place individuals into a dangerous situation when used by a stalker to maintain an up-to-the-moment location of a target. (

What issues have you faced with your IoT devices?

Annotated bibliography – item 2 of the portfolio


This week, you will submit an annotated bibliography for two (2) of your sources for the final project paper. Both sources should be scholarly and from the Library. Go ahead and read the instructions for upcoming assignments so you will have a good idea of sources you might need.   

Each source (listed in alphabetical order) should have a complete Works Cited or References entry for the citation style you are using, as well as an annotation, which should be a paragraph or two summarizing and evaluating the article.  Information about the author’s credentials and publisher’s credibility may be included. Value of the sources to the final project paper should be part of the annotation. (Summaries/evaluations under one hundred words each will be considered under-developed.)  

Write in third person only. It’s a good idea to include a signal phrase, direct quote or paraphrase, and a parenthetical citation within each summary.  

To format your Works Cited or References entries, you may use the library cite button discussed in the week four Lessons. Include the article’s web link (the https address—not just the doi) at the end of your Works Cited entry. Just copy and paste it from your web browser, if it is not already included. Examples are shown in the attached Template (which you will download) and Sample (which is attached to show you an example of what a good submission looks like).   

Submit your assignment as a Word document attached to the assignment link so it can be automatically processed through Turnitin.

Topic- aids and the health care practice


Details: You are to write a 3-4 page position paper reflecting your views on what the health care profession’s legal and moral stance should be on one of the topics below and why. The choices are as follows:
•AIDS and the health care practice
•Decisions at the end of life
You can choose how to approach your topic, narrow its scope, and advance a particular position, but you must justify each of your decisions and your positions with scholarly evidence. Use course resources, the Internet, and the library to support your position.

Sanitation: waste transfer station | Business & Finance homework help

Sanitation: Waste Transfer Station

A First Nation in Northern Ontario has developed a waste transfer station to manage solid waste from the community as there isn’t additional space at the current landfill. Now operational, the transfer station faces some challenges – the waste is trucked about an hour away and has basically put the First Nation’s problem in the backyard of someone else; the bins are being charged by volume not weight, which means there can be voids in the bin with air gaps that the Nation is being charged for. There are two non-Indigenous communities and four Indigenous communities within an hour of the transfer station. What can the Nation do to reduce the transportation cost of the waste? Are there economies of scale that can be gained by working with surrounding communities?