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1. Tables Assessment

April owns a rental house. She rents the house to college students and includes electricity in the cost of rent. She would like you to help her do some analysis on the costs over the last year to decide if she wants to increase the rental cost based on this expense. The data on the “Electric” worksheet includes the number of residents in the house and the Kilowatt hours (KWh) used for the previous year. Complete the tasks to help April make her decision.


Create a table from the existing data in range B2:G14 of the “Electric” worksheet. Notice that row 2 (the first row of the data) has column headings.


Add a calculated column to the end of the table.

a. Enter the column heading “KWh Cost”.

b. The column should calculate the cost of the total KWh used based on the cost per KWh for each month.

c. The total cost is calculated by muliplying the KWh by Cost per KWh for each row of the table.


Add a calculated column to the end of the table (column I).

a. Enter the column heading “KWh per Resident”.

b. The KWh per resident is calculated by dividing the KWh by the Residents for each row of the table.


Sort the table by “KWh” in descending order.


Add a totals row to the table to calculate the average of the “KWh per Resident”


Add a second total to the table to calculate the sum of KWh used during the year.


Filter the items on the table to display only the months with an average temperature greater than 80 degrees.

Deliverable 6 – Successful Change Management


Delta Pacific Case Study

As the change leader for Delta  Pacific Company (DPC), you know certain elements need to be in place by leadership for a change to be successful. DPC wants to change the culture from the more traditional manufacturing environment to one of a contemporary consulting  environment. Now it’s time for you to help the leaders execute a successful  change: Determine how leadership impacts the  organizational culture during this change Examine elements that are critical to making this change sustainable Assess the top mistakes leaders make and determine the best way to avoid those mistakes

As the change leader, it is your  responsibility to help ensure a successful change in the shift of DPC’s  organizational culture. Part of this includes alerting leadership to how their  own behavior impacts change and how change can be sustainable.

Conduct academic research and create a plan to present to the CEO and board in which you complete the following successful change management plan: 2 page minimum  Explanation of leadership behaviors that impact organizational change. Description of critical factors that ensures this cultural shift will be sustainable. Examination of the top mistakes leaders make during a change. Explanation of your recommendations as to the best ways the leaders can avoid making those mistakes. Remember that this is a proposal. Make sure to format your paper properly for your proposal. A proposal is a persuasive document, so make sure to use proper language and tone. Remember, you are the change leader, and you are writing to the CEO. So use a tone in your proposal that is specific to your audience (the CEO). 

Include your APA-formatted reference page with at least two credible sources.

Case study : tesla assignment | BUSI 400 – Strategic Planning/Business Policy | Liberty University


Case Study: Tesla Assignment Instructions


Develop appropriate business strategies, policies and solutions for Tesla that will create sustainable competitive advantage for the company. Case information for this question can be found on page 323 of your text.

The strategic management process enables organizations to achieve competitive advantage through three stages: strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy evaluation. Your strategic plan should progress through all of these phases, resulting in recommendations that establish the firm in the market with a competitive advantage they can maintain going forward.

Assume you are creating a pitch to present to Tesla leadership. You will need to analyze its external/internal environment and propose strategies, policies and/or solutions based on those findings that will create a sustainable competitive advantage for the company. APA formatting is required, and a minimum of 3 sources must be utilized in addition to the text. The length of the paper should be 7-10 pages.


The completed case must include the following components: 

· Executive Summary: This is a summary of your entire case study, not a summary of Tesla present day. One should be able to read the executive summary section and understand the main points of the paper

· Current State of the Organization: Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Current Objectives, Current Strategies 

· Internal & External Analysis: SWOT, Porter’s 5 forces 

· Competitive advantage (current) 

· Evaluation and Recommendations: Strategies, policies and or solutions for implementation that will create a sustainable competitive advantage for the company based on the results of your analysis. Include implementation plan for recommendations and be sure to explain how the competitive advantage is specifically sustainable over time 

· Evaluation of recommendations: How will success be tracked or determined for the recommendations provided?

Research paper on topic (information warfare and cyberterrorism) | Issues In Cyberlaws

 The research project is a research-based paper on a Information Warfare and Cyberterrorism  in the area of Cyberlaw.  You must support your materials by using at least five appropriate, properly cited sources in addition to your course textbook. Your project paper will be three to five pages (not including title and reference pages). Your project paper can be longer than five pages.  Your project paper must be formatted according to APA guidelines, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-font, with one-inch margins.

Module 7 discussion: interviewing | Management homework help

Use online job listings to identify an intriguing job opening related to your major or on-the-job experience that you would seriously consider pursuing. You may use the same job listing that you are using to prepare your résumé and application letter.

Research the company, its competitors, its markets, and this specific position to identify three (3) questions that YOU could ask in an interview to help you decide if the job is a good fit for you and also show the interviewers that you’ve really done your homework.

Go beyond the basic and obvious questions to identify current, specific, and complex issues that only deep research can uncover. For example, is the company facing significant technical, financial, legal, or regulatory challenges that threaten its ability to grow or perhaps even survive in the long term? Or is the market evolving in a way that positions this particular company for dramatic growth?

For this discussion, list your three questions, identify how you uncovered the issues, and explain why each question is significant.


Minimum of 300 word with at least 2 peer review reference in 6th edition apa style


Answer both of the following discussion questions for your discussion response.  The American Cancer Society states that some cancers can be prevented, as they are related to lifestyle factors such as diet, obesity, smoking, and lack of physical activity. Early detection and screening mechanisms are obviously key, but the data suggests that they have only been somewhat effective. What are some ideas and strategies that could perhaps lead to a further reduction in preventable cancer deaths? Discuss a malabsorption condition and share the pathophysiological alterations associated with the condition.

Nutrition tracker final assessment 50 points

Nutrition Tracker Reflection – Signature Assignment

Attached Files:

File Nutrition Tracker Final Assessment.docx Nutrition Tracker Final Assessment.docx – Alternative Formats (13.211 KB)

Please answer the question on the attached document and submit it as an attachment to this submission box. You must include a copy of your most current food log (All Daily Report) with your submission.

Nutrition Tracker Final Assessment

50 points

Throughout the semester you have been tracking your diet using NutrientCalc. For your final assessment, you will log ONE DAY of food as you did at the beginning of the semester. Upon completion of logging your food for the day, you will need to attach the NUTRIENTS REPORT to your iLearn submission and complete the following questions, attaching them to your submission file as well. Write an analysis of your report in paragraph format of 300-400 words (REQUIRED) as you address the following questions: 

1. How has your diet improved or digressed throughout the semester? 

2. Did you find the use of a nutrition tracker to be beneficial in helping you make healthier eating choices?

3. Where did you find yourself lacking the most in nutrients? Vitamins? Minerals?

a. List three changes you could make or have made to help you gain the things you are missing in your diet.

b. What is one SMART goal that you established and completed throughout the course of this term?

4. What have you learned about your eating behaviors from doing this assignment that you were not aware of before?

Management application of accounting | Human Resource Management homework help

International versus U.S. Accounting Standards

For this assignment, you will research and compare international and U.S. accounting standards. This will enable you to see how the different reporting methods affect business and how product costs are affected by international business.The learning objectives of this report are as follows:

  1. Compare and contrast basic U.S. and international financial accounting standards.
  2. Explain how key international factors affect business reporting.
  3. Identify key compliance and regulatory requirements.

Using the  Unit IV Research Report Template , prepare a four- to five-page written report with at least three scholarly sources covering the items listed below.


Part 1: Select financial statements for two related (e.g., computer manufactures, pharmaceutical companies, cell phone companies, etc.) businesses; one that uses U.S. accounting reporting and the other that uses international accounting reporting. Identify the following items:

  • Provide the name, location, and accounting standards used for each business.
  • Compare and contrast three major differences you see in the way the financial data is presented on the financial statements.
  • Identify which set of financial statements you think is the easiest to understand and provides you with most accurate cost data as a manager. (Do not forget to look at the notes to the financial statements also.)

Part 2: Analyze and discuss three international factors you think would affect the cost of the products made at the companies you selected and why.
Part 3: Discuss any compliance and/or regulatory issues you think would be involved in the companies you have selected as they relate to the cost of the products made. For example, are there strict regulations on product pricing, tariffs imposed on raw materials needed to make the products, or strict regulations on the wages paid to workers?

Conclusion and Recommendations

Be sure to use APA formatting throughout and reach out to the Writing Center or the Library for assistance with research, writing, and formatting. Include at least two of your scholarly resources from the CSU Online Library in your report.