3 hours late last time H u m a n i t i e s

3 hours late last time H u m a n i t i e s


Your work values are the subset of your beliefs and ideas that are related to your occupation or job. These core principles are an important part of who you are. They include things like honesty, service, self-respect, respect for others, peace, and success. It is importance to identify what work values you cherish the most before you choose a career or decide whether to accept a job offer.

For this assignment, visit California Career Zone (Links to an external site.) and start a new Work Importance Profiler (Links to an external site.) (WIP). The WIP will help you find out what is most important to you in a job and which occupations will satisfy what is important to you. Upon completion, answer the following questions on a Word document:

  • According to your WIP summary, what are your top two work values? Why are these values important to you?
  • What occupations match your work values? Did any of the occupation matches surprise you?
  • In what ways are you applying your values in your internship this quarter?


Please write in proper MLA format, the title should be “Character Strengths.” Please write at least 1.5 page to 2 pages. 12 font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margin. Please be sure to answer all 3 bullet point questions. I will provide the short, casual answer for them below. Please use my answers and add more details to write the formal essay.

First bullet point: Top 2 work Values are : Relationships and Support. These are important to me because I am not a solo guy. I’m more of a team player. I need to feel I am part of a team. So, I need my co-workers are easy to get along, and my supervisor to support me all the time.

Def: (Don’t use them in the essay, use your own words)

  • The Relationships work value includes the need for friendly co-workers, to be able to help others, and not be forced to go against your sense of right and wrong.
  • The Support work value involves the need for a supportive company, be comfortable with management’s style of supervision, and a competent, considerate, and fair management.

Second bullet point: Please see the attachment for the matched occupations. You know I study international studies, and probably want to work with international affairs or international businesses. But I am open to all other well-paid jobs. You can see from the attachment and answer this question for me.

Third bullet point: Although there’s no other team members for this internship. It is just me and my supervisor. I apply Relationships and Support with my supervisor. He is really understanding if I had to miss a meeting or delaying work for my school or family engagement. He also is really patient with what and how he wants the work to be done. I feel really encouraged and supported. I also do the same, he is super busy so I try to ask him less questions and do the work myself. It turns out I did a good job. (IDK if the question asks do I apply these or my supervisor. But you should definitely write something shows I apply these rather than my supervisor)


I think this is a pretty easy essay which will not take very long time to complete. Please finish it by Saturday, the 5th, at 11:59 pm LA time. Please upload it before the deadline. You were 3 hours late last time. Thank you.