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300 words 6 total 1800 words professor instructionthis course examines B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

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professor instruction

This course examines a number of debates and discussion in contemporary
communication studies. I expect each of you to write about these topics in a semi-formal
journal: this is NOT an essay, so I will NOT be marking you for grammar and spelling.
Each week, write a short paragraph (at least 300 words) about the topic BEFORE doing
any readings and BEFORE coming to class: what do you already know about this topic?
How have you formed opinions about this topic? Who do you consider to be an expert on
this topic, and why? (A TV personality, a family member, a teacher?)
I will provide at least one reading on each topic, but I want YOU to go out and find
another source of information (NOT WIKIPEDIA!) This could be a newspaper article, or
a journal article, or even a video. But I want you to discuss your source in your reading
journal, and tell me WHY you selected it: why do you think this particular source is
helpful in understanding the topic?
After the readings, the class discussion, additional research… write one more short
paragraph (again, at least 300 words) on the topic in your journal: how have your beliefs
and opinions changed on this topic? What did you learn about the topic?
You must write about at least SIX of the major topics discussed in this course: THREE
before the midterm, and three MORE after the midterm.
Your reading journal can be a Word Document, a WordPress blog, a PPT or Prezi…
think of this as a journal or a scrapbook. Feel free to get creative. Include pictures, and
embedded videos. Include links. You don’t get marks for the overall design of the
journal, but you don’t need to limit yourselves to a normal ‘essay-style’ document.