5 independent references ). 5 W r i t i n g

5 independent references ). 5 W r i t i n g

I chose Coca-Cola, its only 1 page and a reference page!

The subject of this research paper shall be two noteworthy* Operations
and Supply Chain Management (OM & SCM) practices of a company chosen
by the student.

2. The chosen company must be large enough and/or unique enough to have been subject of prior published research and reports.

3. The two chosen noteworthy* OM & SCM strategies / practices shall be related to those covered in this class.

4. The paper shall have a Cover Page(five lines only) I WILL DO THE COVER PAGE and a References Page(min. 5 independent references).

5. The paper must be well written in paragraph format and should be both spell-checked and “clarity-checked.”

The body of this consolidated paper should only be one-page, single
spaced with 12-point font (papers longer or shorter than one page will
be penalized). It should include a short paragraph identifying the
company’s name, description of the business, primary goods/services, and
why you selected this particular company.

The body of the paper shall include the two noteworthy* topics which
must be extensively researched, analysis and concisely consolidated in
two to four paragraphs.▪The body of the paper shall also include three
(3) well-thought-out questions that could be ask if the student had an
interview with the company. These questions must be intriguing,
succinct, reflective of student’s intelligence, knowledge of OM &
SCM, andstudent’s acquired information about the company’s operations.

More details:

ØThe body of the paper shall be one-page, single spaced with 12-point font (papers longer or shorterwill lose points). –General information about the company (e.g., Business Description, primary goods / services, why company was selected). –Three (3) questions you would ask if you were in a job interview with the company. Well-thought-out and Intriguing, Succinct, Reflective of your Intelligence & Knowledge of OM & SCM, and Company’s Operations. 5 lines) and References page (min. 5 References)

I attached screenshots of the topics covered in class!