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announces opening second direct fulfillment center B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Consider a supply chain for an organization you are familiar with.

1. How could the organization create more value for its stakeholders?

2. Which of the four future freight flows should it prepare itself for?

3. What should the organization do to prepare for the future flow(s)?

Instructions: Please post more than 2 reply responses to your classmates or the instructor and include direct questions.  

student one

Hello Class/Dr. V,

I decided to use amazon since it is the primary way I shop for specific items when I am overseas. Amazon could create more value for its stakeholders by offering a wide array of products to their customers. Amazon also needs to ensure their customer and delivery service takes place in a timely fashion. The organization also has one of the highest minimum wages of $15 an hour, creating value for the employees. Furthermore, the benefits such as educational opportunities and the ability to progress give the employees something to look forward to. Amazon has programs that give back to the community, for example, When anything is purchased from this site, a portion of the cost is donated to the purchaser’s choice of charity. Not many organizations are actually doing deeds such as this. In my opinion, all four of the future flows have various aspects that could be prepared for. I think millions of markets are what the organization needs to be prepared itself to face. As a backup would be Naftástique. Both choices are eerily close to some of today’s events. Amazon could prepare for future flows through the advancement of technology that will aid the organization in sustainability and self-sufficiency



Clement, J. (2020) Number of employees 2007-2019, available at:

student 2

Hello Dr. V and class,

Lowes has an agile supply chain to meet customers’ needs. Since 2019 Lowe’s has dedicated $1.7 billion to improve efficiency and cut transportation costs in an outdated supply chain. (Kapadia, 2021)COVID hit the need to respond to various consumers, from small packages to appliances became increasingly difficult. In light of COVID, Lowe’s began with opening 50 cross-dock terminals, seven bulk distribution centers, and four e-commerce centers. (Corporate, 2020) With the opening of four e-commerce in the second half, the same-day or next-day service goal is reaching nearly 100 percent of its customer base. (Corporate, 2020) Lowe’s has created value for its stakeholders through supply chain improvements.
Lowe’s will seek to move with the Millions of Markets. Technology enhancements such as SIMS (Stock Information Management System) and moving to one program instead of the current three will bring self-reliance with less stock out and decluttered stores. In the future, Naftástique, along with leverage technology, shall coincide. Lowe’s has stores in two of the three countries (RONA, Canada) that make up NAFTA. The NAFTA Trade Agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico led to a self-sufficient economic community. Future blocs in trade strengthen relationships between the three countries. It is faster, easier, and cheaper to obtain goods within your bloc. (MIT, 2012)




Kapadia, S. (2021, March 2). Lowe’s fulfills 60% of online orders from stores, moving 6-times faster. Retrieved from SupplyChainDive: MIT. (2012, August). Snapshot of the World 2037. Retrieved from MIT center for transportation and logistics:…

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