article plus one reference page H u m a n i t i e s

article plus one reference page H u m a n i t i e s

I’ve attached the research Paper that will be used for this assignment!!!


This assignment will allow you to demonstrate a basic understanding of the article you have chosen. However for this assignment you are only going to summarize a very brief aspect of their study.

Learning goals

  1. Practice identifying hypotheses, constructs and operational definitions.
  2. Learn how to summarize the participants, procedure and results of a scientific article.
  3. Practice using APA style both for the reference section.

The details

Please use APA style for your writing – which means no personal pronouns (I, me, my). See the Writing
Style guideline on pages 379-381 in the Appendix of your textbook for details.

Please write in full sentences and paragraphs, not bullet-points. However you need to use the headings given here for each section.
You should have no more than 2 pages of text for the article plus one reference page.

Worth 12 points
No more than 150 words.
Identify the authors hypotheses. State the constructs from the hypothesis that you believe need to be operationalized. Finally describe their operational definitions of these constructs very briefly.

Worth 5 points
No more than 75 words.
Describe in your own words how many participants were in the study and what were the relevant traits about the participants (such as age, education, sex, diagnosis, etc).

Design – for now we are skipping the design section – we will cover concept in future assignments.

Worth 10 points
No more than 250 words.
Describe in your own words what they had the participants do in this experiment in the order they had them do it. For example, First the participant filled out a survey on motivation, then they were asked to do a math test. Then they …

Worth 5 points
No more than 200 words.
Summarize in your own words what they found. No tables or details are needed here. In fact, I recommend you take this information from the beginning of the Discussion section of the article – not the results section. Did their results support their hypothesis? Why or why not?