author “: mora soule lafiamy avatar W r i t i n g

author “: mora soule lafiamy avatar W r i t i n g

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My Avatar: MSOUL

In 1960 started shining the Sun of independence in the whole Black continent. It was the era of political, economical and social mutations which will affect generations of Africans. Thus was born in Benin on March 5th1978 a child who will be called Mora Soule. The child was raised during a period influenced by a political regime based on Marxism Leninism which later shifted to a Democratic Nation. The military power put and end to the political instability that reigned. This revolutionary regime which was also plagued by corruption; cult of personality :disappeared with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Bloc.

These two antagonistic systems enriched my education: on one hand the values of socialism and on the other hand the values of capitalism. Humble and reserved in character, I learned to have a positive attitude towards others, Physically thin and shy a times, the child I am is unrecognizable on the theater podiums and football fields in high school. Thin but strong, he terrified the opposing defenses and scared the goalkeeper. “No one is perfect” we say, if only to enumerate my weaknesses. Forgetfulness,incomprehension, or misunderstanding are things that I am sometimes confronted with.

Moreover family education instilled in me that “ the habit does not make the monk”. I then dress in all modesty in a sober way according to the circumstances .In fact, fashion evolves over time.

At end let’s join the useful with the pleasant under the musical note One Love of Bob Marley.