d2l drop box used W r i t i n g

d2l drop box used W r i t i n g

No plagiarism !!!

all summaries must be typed in word, Font size 12 and must include all the titles from chapters and their different parts clearly as shown below. there is no limit in the number of pages, but clear explanation and sufficient coverage of all the concepts that are expected in order to receive full credit for this assignment. Each student should have at least two summaries on two documentaries of his/her choice per each test , so a total minimum of 6 video reflection assignments for the whole course. there is no limit for the number of submissions but anything extra will be extra credit.

reviews on documentaries need a minimum of 1-2 pages, depending on the documentary extension, double spaced in time Roman numeral 12. if the documentary requires more space to be explained and to elaborate. use length accordingly. points to include on the summaries are: a summary of the main ideas covered in the video, and a personal an elaborated conclusion/ evaluation of the importance and possible impact of the contents of the materials viewed later in history, and any possible link to the present day that the student can find as well as any connections to the globalization process of those ancient societies. All SUBMISSIONS OF EACH DOCUMENTARY WILL BE SUBMITTED ON THE D2L DROP BOX USED FOR CHAPTER SUMMARIES.


Mesopotamia and Babylon:

Kings, from Babylon to Baghdad, 1:

(Time: 42:48 min.



Engineering an Empire:

(Time: 1h.30 min.)

What Ancients Knew: Egypt

https:// 44:32 min.)

Decisive Battles:


(Time: 21:53 min.)

The Hittites:

(Time 1h.58 min.)

The Persians:

Engineering an Empire:

(Time: 44:30 min.)



Troy and “The Iliad”:

The Siege of Troy, Ancient Discoveries.

(Time: 44:27 min.)

“The Odyssey”:


, Clash of the Gods 6/10, Part 1.

(Time: 44:50 min.)


, Clash of the Gods 7/10, Part 2.