discern two specific presentations made O t h e r

discern two specific presentations made O t h e r

1/ View the videos below and respond via the journal.

“Briefly” list one new concept, idea, or fact learned from the videos. These journal entries may be very brief: Four – Five sentences are sufficient


(4.7) Video Lectures Forum – Due Thursday / Sunday

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A key aspect of Video used in this course includes actually watching the scenes, setting, temples, clothes, and geography of each video. In other words, while the content of the teaching is of a high quality about the Bible – each learner should pay particular attention to things “shown” in the video that make the video itself a teaching resource for information about the Bible.

For this reason, the responses in the Video Lecture Forum will intend to focus on the visual aspects of what is shown in each video. In this forum you will add a new discussion topic to begin your reflection.

From the videos watched in every week, each learner should discern two specific presentations made where the the image, geography, picture, or setting witnessed in the Video gives insight into how we understand the situation and story of the Bible.

Each learner will begin each initial assignment post by writing: “I have viewed X% of the videos for this week.” (Where X represents the cumulative number of minutes of all video minutes present for the week.) You will be writing your initial response AND responding to classmates’ posts.

Each learner will then select any two scenes, images, settings, objects, symbols or places represented in the video where the Video helps the learner better understand that issue. Learners will share on two separate subjects from two separate videos.

Each learner should write a minimum of 100 words about each of the two separate items from the two separate videos for their initial post, for a total of 200 total words as a minimum for the initial post