help brittany change back H u m a n i t i e s

help brittany change back H u m a n i t i e s

After reading the below background information about Brittany, please take 3 of the following concepts that were discussed in Chapter 10 and in the lectures and discuss how a therapist might use them when working specifically with Brittany providing examples of what Brittany might say or how her background might be discussed in a therapy session to highlight the concepts you chose.

The concepts to use are:

1)The interaction between cognitions and emotions / behaviors

2)REBT view of emotional disturbance

3)A-B-C model of REBT

4)Challenging irrational beliefs with D-E

5)The role of awfulizing / catastrophizing in REBT

6)role of unconditional self-acceptance

7)Beck’s cognitive distortions

8)Testing the validity of cognitions

9)self-statements / self-talk

An example of what is required for this assignment from a different case regarding the concept of a nondirective stance is:

Fred comes into session and begins to discuss his need to control and the anger he displays when he is not in control. He begins to provide an example of an anger outburst that occurred when he was parenting his son. Midway through the example, Fred begins to feel uncomfortable with the conversation and the feelings it is eliciting. Instead of continuing on his train of thought, he goes into a tangential story about how his family had gone on a trip and how much fun his son had on the trip. Instead of pointing out the shift from the original topic or making an interpretation of why he shifted the discussion, I go with him and let him dictate where the session goes. I ask “tell me about how the trip made you feel?” and “what made you think about the trip?” From these questions, I can get a better feel for his subjective experience of this trip and how to better empathize, going where he wants the session to go.

The Case of Brittany

Brittany is a 16-year-old girl of mixed Caucasian and African American descent. Her family has recently moved from a large, diverse, metropolitan area to a small mid-western town. According to her mother and father, Brittany did not respond well to the move.

Prior to the move, Brittany’s parents reported that she was a very well-behaved child who did well in school and participated in extracurricular sports. She was an active member of the student council and worked after school at a coffee shop in the local mall to save money for college. Brittany dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. However, all of this changed when she arrived at her new school. She has only been in school 3 months and is already failing chemistry and shows no interest in after school activities. She was kicked off the track team after only two practices for arguing with the coach. She has been suspended once for fighting with another student and sent to detention 14 times for speaking disrespectfully to her teachers and disrupting class. Of great concern to Brittany’s mother is that Brittany has recently dyed her hair pink and pierced her lip. Brittany’s father is concerned because she is generally disagreeable at home, refuses to do her chores, and has not completed a homework assignment in 3 weeks. Brittany’s parents brought her to counseling because they are at a loss for how to control her behavior. They hope that therapy can help Brittany change back to her “old self.”