lesson plan assignment 120 points W r i t i n g

lesson plan assignment 120 points W r i t i n g


120 points

I.Select a text.

Choose one: an article, a movie or video, or a song/album.

II. Write a bibliographic entry for the item(s).

Identify the bibliographic style you wish to use and follow. The three most popular styles are MLA, APA, and Chicgo. The style you choose is up to you, but I will check your work against standards for that style, so please follow the style guidelines.




See also How to Write a Summary

IV. Provide rationale for including the item (300 – 350 words)

The rationale portion of the assignment will explain why the item should be included in the course.To perform this task effectively, consider answering questions like:

  • How does the item you have selected add to the objectives of our course? What course objective(s) is/are filled by including this item?
  • How does the item link to other materials and concepts discussed in the course?
  • What void is filled by including the item?
  • What value does the item add to the course, to other students? How does it add this value?

In short, how is the information you have uncovered significant to the study of women, gender, and the media? What is added by this information? What is left out by not including it? What is learned? Be specific.

Please review the syllabus before writing your rationale. Find an item that fits the course description, speaks to the course objectives, and coincides with, reinforces, or adds to topics studied during the course.

V. Reflection (250 words minimum)

Reflect on your work by responding to the following questions:

  • What did you learn in the process of selecting an item for this assignment? About yourself? About the topic in general?
  • Can you see this item becoming a permanent part of the course? Why or Why not?
  • What is your biggest takeaway from doing this work?
  • How does this item speak to your own learning about topics related to the course?