Self Development Plan

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It takes good teachers to make good students. Teachers’ self-knowledge helps them to use their strengths and personality traits to benefit their students. Clifton and Harter (2003) stated that by identifying our natural talents, then adding skills and knowledge, we can create strength and the ability to provide consistent and positive performance in a given activity. These natural abilities require cultivation and hard work to master. Education will add on these natural talents. Effective teachers know themselves, then strive to know and connect to their students. This assignment will allow you to reflect on your life and help you to plan and become an effective professional. You will look at your personality traits from a psychological perspective. Knowing your personality traits will help you to develop a self-development plan. This section should be two to three pages. In APA format Refer to the Self and Student Development Plan Rubric.

Your self-improvement plan will include the following components:

1. Describe and analyze self:

a. My personality and my traits: Go to (Links to an external site.) and, (Links to an external site.) and find your personality and strengths.

b. Find your own learning style, multiple intelligence, and emotional intelligence (Learning Style Inventory, Multiple Intelligence, and Emotional Quotient Assessment websites listed below). Consider your results: where are your strengths, and where do you need improvement? How does your teaching style reflect your learning style, and how might you change that to reach students who learn differently from you?

2. Use your personality traits and develop a plan to improve yourself in your personal and professional life.

a. How will you use your personality traits to enrich your personal life? (e. g. social, emotional, financial, physical goals, develop a hobby, etc.)

b. How will you use your personality traits to enhance your professional/teaching performance? (e. g. writing, technological, academic skills, etc.)