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You will submit a reflection of the status of your final project. Include any issues, positive experiences, and specific questions to the instructor for further clarification. You may submit a draft of Section I: Purpose and Quality Statement and Section II: Status of Quality Tools and Standards of your final project for review by your instructor.

Here are some reminders about this week’s Check-In Journal. Your first Check-In Journal for your final project is due this Sunday, January 3. The weeks move quickly from here until the end of the course, so it is essential that you get started on the right foot for this big project. Please be sure you understand the differences between these Check-In Journals and how this course handles the final project milestones.

The Week Four Check-In Journal is designed to allow you to review where you are in your progress toward your final paper. The one due this Sunday is only about Sections I and II of the final course project rubric (Purpose and Quality Statement and Status of Quality Tools and Standards).Nothing beyond that. The draft of your actual paper is optional, and it not the graded assignment. You must submit the Check-In Journal to receive a grade. This is your opportunity to ask specific questions about what you have written and researched thus far and receive feedback on those two sections of your course project.

By now, you should have the first two sections of your final paper well underway. Pattern your goal statement after the sample paragraph that was posted in the announcements (December 23). That will serve as your first paragraph.

Remember, this paper is not intended to review your workplace or an existing QI program. The feedback you receive will be in response to the questions you ask in the check-in journal. The drafts do not receive a grade.

You need to submit two assignments if you include the draft. The Check-In Journal is the graded submission. It is not optional. If you don’t submit the check-in journal, your grade for the assignment will be a zero. The draft is not graded, but you will receive feedback based on the targeted questions you ask in the Check-In Journal.