times new roman 12 font W r i t i n g

times new roman 12 font W r i t i n g

discuss how our society views gender as malleable.

use these sources for more accurate responses must use sources and give credit where credit is due!

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Gender Inequality

We learned this week that sex is biological and gender is cultural. However, our society often changes babies from one sex to another. Once of the most famous cases was David Reimer.

Please read the abstract of this scientific article:

https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/106/1/135/tab-e-letters (Links to an external site.)

The article is from the American Medical Association and is a discussion on reassignment surgeries in babies. Remember, from our book, XY is a male though the article references XY female. Pay particular attention to how Dr. Money’s work is used in modern science and also what considerations are used to determine what sex will be assigned to the baby.

In addition, I have attached a link to an article on David Reimer. As you read about his death, reflect on the social reasons – his family relations, and his economic situation. We can use our sociological imagination to see how Durkheim was right; lacking social cohesion is dangerous.

Link (Links to an external site.)


For your observation this week (after reading the articles on sex reassignment in babies and on Reimer, and watching the documentary) discuss how our society views gender as malleable.

Your essay should have a thesis statement that society views gender as malleable. Then, provide at least three points of evidence form our class materials to support your thesis.

In your observation please refer to Dr. Money and Reimer. Please remember that Dr. Money is a world leading expert of gender reassignment. While his study on David Reimer was unethical, he is THE leading expert of gender as malleable. We estimate that there have been tens of thousands of these procedures done successfully.

Please understand that the essence of this assignment is not to share how horrified you are at Dr. Money and his unethical experiment with David. As we are in a sociology class, I expect you to apply sociology and discuss how society views sex and gender as malleable and not how you feel about this case.

Your submission should be a college level essay (with introduction, three paragraphs of evidence supported by information from the assigned materials, and a conclusion) MUST BE EXACTLY 2 pages DOUBLE SPACED AND TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 FONT! CAN NOT BE EVEN 1% PLAGIARIZED