1100 limit ). write W r i t i n g

1100 limit ). write W r i t i n g


Assignment Task: To Develop a career plan with clear objectives and timelines

In today’s modern world, business organisations are dynamic, complex and constantly

changing. Companies that are existing now may not be able to survive for long if they do

not evolve. Technology is growing at a rapid pace and knowledge and skills need to be

constantly updated.

In order to succeed in the present and future workplace it is important to develop a clear career plan with clear objectives and time lines. By designing a career and personal development plan it will be easier to face and overcome current and future challenges in the work place.

Keeping the above scenario in mind

  • Write a report on your career development plan including your personal development plan with time lines. (The goal or aim to become a manager)

While writing the report, you are expected to answer the following questions:

  • What do you understand by a career development plan and personal development plan?
  • What are the essential components of a career development plan and personal development plan ?
  • What are my career and personal plans and what are its essential components ?
  • What time lines will I be assigning to my career and personal development plan ?

Your report should answer the following guide questions above and must follow the structure provided below with a maximum of 1000 words (1100 limit).Write a title of your report and the title must be related to the contents you are narrating.Use your creativity and imagination.Your report must be supported by readings from acceptable sources.

Structure of the report: Guidelines

  • Cover Page.
  • Content Page.
  • Introduction. You may like to write about your understanding of the terms career development plan and personal development plan.
  • Discussion.This would include a detailed plan highlighting the career goals and personal goals of the student. A time frame in which these goals would be achieved should be written.
  • Conclusion.This will summarize your overall undertaking and insight of the task/topic.
  • References: Just one or two references to support arguments

  • This assignment follows an essay format (modify according to the requirement of your assignment) and must be original and creative. An analytical piece of work is required. The use of ‘cut and paste’ approach will be penalized. It must be presented in a structured manner, with appropriate cover page, content page, introduction, body (with appropriate heading / sub-headings), conclusion, references, page numbered.


Additional Instructions:

  • Any reference to authors and other writers shall be quoted with due acknowledgement in your assignment report using the Harvard Referencing System.

  • Your assignment should be word processed and professionally presented. The length of your essay should be 1000 words, presented in text of font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing. Please state the exact word count at the end of the assignment.

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