Advises a proper course of action (action oriented): expertly states


Customer Requests Information For Returning A Product

The customer service department of Software Solutions received a letter from Samuel Muhler stating that he placed an order for the AccTabs accounting software and instead received a software package entitled ThirdWave. He would like to receive a UPS account number to use when returning the product so that he will not have to pay the shipping, as well as instructions for packaging and labeling the returned product.

Required: Write an email message as the customer service manager of Software Solutions responding to Mr. Muhler’s requests. Include an appropriate subject line and message body in your solution.

please focus on :-

Written:Exceeds Minimum Expectations: The student’s writing follows a sophisticated organizational pattern that demonstrates full knowledge of the topic. The topic is also linked to the intended audience. The writing has minimal disruptive grammatical errors.

Apply: Exceeds Minimum Expectations: The student’s position and demonstration of competency exhibits sophisticated thought.

Purpose and information level (information based):Excellent – Expertly states purpose of letter. Explains reasoning behind the letter fully, directly, and concisely.

Advises a proper course of action (action oriented): Expertly states course of action. Explains all essential information for action fully, directly, and concisely. Avoids letterset.

Audience and Tone (user centered): Expertly conveys information politely. Reader is pleased to be advised of her/his chances in this manner

Format: Uses a correct letter format, including heading, body, and signature

Professionalism and Usage Errors: No errors in usage, including spelling

Outcome : Exceeds Expectations