Apple – privacy vs safety (a) | MSIS | University of Washington

The write-up should be at most 1,000-words (12-point font, 1.5 spaced)
• Make sure that you follow the following format:  
o Synopsis (first paragraph, max 2)
▪ Show me that you read and understood the case
o Answers to the case questions  
▪ Make sure you answered them all
▪ Stay out of the vague zone (avoid “one would say…”)
▪ Be direct and clear, use the given data
▪ Analyze the problem from different perspectives
o Conclusion (last paragraph)
▪ Give me your fact-based opinions/view

“Apple: Privacy vs. Safety? (A)” case questions

1. If you were in Cook’s shoes, would you comply with the court order to help the FBI
access the data on the iPhone used in the San Bernardino shooting? Why or why not?  
2. What are Apple’s responsibilities for public safety?  
3. What are Apple’s responsibilities for customer privacy? Does Cook have additional
responsibilities to take into account in this situation? If so, what are they?  
4. Does your answer to providing access vary with the government agency or national
government requesting the data? Why or why not?