Article review,how to write a substantive review of any article


Format: It should be at least 2-3 page double spaced (Word)

Review the articles posted on the folder article reviews. Pick any one of your choice and complete A-5.

The Article Review should cover the following:


  • Name of the Author, Year in which      Published, Name of the Article; Name of the Journal, Page number; Publisher      (Can be in any style APA,MLA. Be persistent).

Introductory Paragraph

  • Give a summary of the article and      discuss the most important details.

Significance of the Article:

  • Significance      of the article: What is the contribution of the author and if the intended      contribution is explicitly stated, what do you think the author intended to contribute via his article?
  • Is the article mainly theoretical,      empirical or policy oriented?
  • Critique the article on its strengths and      weakness. 

Final Paragraphs:

  • How well did the author accomplish      his/her goal of contributing to the literature on this topic?
  • Overall, what did you gain from      reading this Article?