Assignment 1. most of the products discussed in this chapter are


  1. Assignment 1. Most of the products discussed in this chapter are blood products. However, there are a few “classic” drugs. To help you learn about the few drugs in this chapter, use your word processor to prepare a table listing and comparing each of the following drugs and their indications/uses:
    • Recombinant Factor VII
    • Recombinant Factor VIII
    • Recombinant Factor IX
    • Dextran 40
    • Dextran 70
    • Hetasarch

You can use the following format or create your own:

Generic Name

Brand Name

Therapeutic Category

Mechanism of Action

Specific Uses in the Surgical Patient


To find information on these drugs, use some of the drug information sites provided in other lessons, such as:

As an alternative, perform a search by drug name in Google or another search engine.

When your table is complete, save the document as an .rtf file. Please save your file using the following naming convention: LastNameFirstInitial-Lesson13-DrugTable.rtf.

Example: WalkerP-Lesson11-DrugTable.rtf