Below i have included the links of the 2 articles and detailed

 Below I have included the links of the 2 articles and detailed instructions for the summaries. These articles are separate do not combine them. Required Summary Elements: All four elements are required for each of the readings (1) List the title and author of the reading (2) Key Points. List approximately 10 key points for the reading. (These key points can be bullets or numbering). These should include the most important arguments and conclusions made by the author. Make sure you include all important key points. For some readings, this may require more than 10 key points. (3) Methods Summary. Give a brief summary of the methods the authors used to reach their conclusions. (4) Reaction. React to each reading. To do this, select 2 (ONLY 2) of the following options: • New Idea: your favorite new idea from the reading. • Insight: An insight you gained from the reading. • Agreement/Disagreement: Something you agreed/disagreed with or liked/disliked in the reading/guest lecture and an explanation of why. • Critique: a criticism or weakness you found in the reading. • Question: a question you had about the reading and an attempted answer. • More to learn: Something from the reading that intrigued you and you’d like to learn more about. • Connections: Relate one or more ideas from the reading to another area of class, another class, or your professional or personal life