Calculate or obtain Sum, x̅, R, x̿, A2, d2, D3, D4 for the dataset I gave you.Calculate x̅ UCL, x̅ LCL, R UCL, and R LCL, assuming the z-Value of 2.58 (desired control limit=99.0%).Calculate x̅ centra

  1. Calculate or obtain Sum, x̅, R, x̿, A2, d2, D3, D4 for the dataset I gave you.
  2. Calculate x̅ UCL, x̅ LCL, R UCL, and R LCL, assuming the z-Value of 2.58 (desired control limit=99.0%).
  3. Calculate x̅ central line and R central line
  4. Draw x and R charts (charts like what are seen on p. 239 are needed) assuming the z-value is known.
  5. Interpret the x and the R charts as to explain if the process is in control or out of control and why (full explanation is needed as for why this or that interpretations might be valid)
  6. Calculate the standard deviation or SD, for the whole dataset (include all the x values in the table).
  7. Given the z-value of 2.58 and the SD you calculated in the previous question, now calculate Cp and Cpk. Now, explain if and why the process is capable or incapable. (Tip: First you need to calculate and explain what Cp and Cpk are in this case, i.e. the actual numbers. Then you need to explain what those numbers mean.)

And given the following:

  • Sample size, n = 7

For more assistance I am attaching the tutorial link and the dataset.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Tutorial (