Cardinal health inc case study

Question #1

a)      What role did Robert Walter play in shaping Cardinal Health?  

b)  What decisions did he make at key inflection points that accounted for Cardinal’s success?


c)   What impact will his retirement have on the company?

Question #2

a) Is Cardinal Health an innovative company?  


b) How have they created so much value?  Be specific in your response.

Question #3

a) Cardinal Health has grown through acquisitions (inorganic growth). What trade-offs, strengths, and weak­nesses are associated with this growth strategy?  


b)  Were all of the acquisitions driven by the same strategic logic?

Question #4

a)  What role did information technology play in the evolution of this company?  


b) Was there adequate global infrastructure to support their use of information technology as they expanded globally?

Question #5

a)  How did Cardinal Health build layers of capabilities?  

b)  Do these provide sustainable competitive advantage? If so, how?

Question #6

a) What challenges do you expect Cardinal Health to encounter as they continue to globalize? 

b) How would you recommend that Cardinal Health meet any globalization challenges?

Question #7

a)       Evaluate Cardinal Health’s financial performance and position.  Hint:  I might suggest you use a search engine to pull up Cardinal’s financials.