Creating company culture | Business & Finance homework help

What exactly is company culture anyways? This may be a question your students will enthusiastically ask and be eager for your answer.

Company culture is an essential aspect to any company and your students will need to understand the value of a good company culture versus a bad one. One way to spark this business English topic is to draw a line down the center of your classroom’s whiteboard. On one side is good aspects of company culture, while the other side is for the bad and ugly side. Let your students respond freely as you write down their thoughts.

They may think overtime is a bad aspect of company culture, but they may continue to work overtime at their current company. This would be an excellent question for those students, as to why they put up with bad company culture aspects. This topic could quickly turn negative, so keep your positives rolling in and move to your well-crafted questions after a bit of warm-up.

Discussion Questions:

Do you believe that company culture is important? If yes, how do companies steer clear of negative company culture aspects as listed on the board?

What is the company culture of your company? Do you like it?

Do you think your company could create a more positive, well-rounded company culture?

What are some of the perks in your company?

What perks or benefits do you look for in a prospective company’s culture? Why are these important to you?