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this is due tomorrow and there is no extended time for this assignment 

Watch the 3 videos below: 

 Tough Boris by Men Fox, read aloud – Reading LibraryBooks – YouTube 

 Be Kind | A Children’s Story about things that matter – YouTube 

 The Angry Dragon Book I Read Aloud for Preschoolers (books about Anger, emotions, feelings) – YouTube 

Answer the following: 

a. What three read alouds videos did you view?
b. Describe how one or more of the stories would support concepts from this module (make sure to say which
c. Which story did you enjoy or connect with the most?  Say a little about why.
d. (optional) Did any of the stories bring up questions or concerns for you?  Explain.   

Use the attachment chapter 9 only  for question B to make reference. 


Example:   this is how the answer should be 


A: For this read aloud chat I viewed readings of; If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Tough Boris and The Tub People.

B: In chapter 9 I read about how children develop their ability to cope with feelings through modeling and playing pretend.  I
think Tough Boris and the Tub people clearly address the concept of feelings, especially fear and sadness.  These two
emotions are not often talked about but children really struggle to understand them so I believe reading these books to
young children could help model the important concept that all feelings are valuable.  I also think reading these books might
help the adult reader to address difficult emotions in a positive way.

C: I really loved Tough Boris, the illustrations were beautiful and I really connected with the books’ message that everyone
is sad sometimes.  I was surprised that the topic was such a serious one- when I first saw the cover of the book, I thought it
would be a fun or silly story about pirates.  

D: (optional). After I read the book I wondered if some children might be upset because the parrot dies and I wondered if it
might upset parents that a book that had death in it, was read to young children