Essay 2 proposal & annotated bibliography


Review our essay prompt, your notes for Violent Borders, and the information and feedback in our discussion boards for Unit 2. Decide on the problem and solution that you want to focus on for your paper, determine the information you need to pull from Violent Borders to explore your essay focus, and conduct research, including research on the LPC databases, to further investigate and explore your subject area. 


On the same document, complete the following two tasks: 

  1. Essay 2 Proposal: Type a paragraph that explains the focus of your essay–describe the problem you want to focus on, the solution(s) you are considering, and a possible thesis statement. Integrated into that same paragraph or in an additional paragraph, include the arguments, information, and/or support from Violent Borders that is necessary for you to explore your essay focus and develop the parts (problem & solution) of your paper (include page numbers as needed). 
  2. Annotated Bibliography: On the same document, include your “annotated bibliography” that lists a minimum of five sources you are considering for your paper (a minimum of two of these five sources must come from the LPC Library academic databases). (An annotated bibliography consists of an MLA citation for each source and a note for each source that explains its value to your paper and/or includes relevant quotes and/or information that you may use from that source.) 


When you are ready, simply click “Submit Assignment” to upload your work in Word, Google Docs, or PDF. 


This assignment is scored based on completion and adherence to the instructions, including the use of the LPC databases for research. Scroll down to view the scoring rubric.