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Write a comprehensive report regarding the healthcare providers in country of your choice (from the list provided below . This report should include at least some of the following:
a. Perception of health professionals (you can talk about multiple types of providers and perspectives from different types of consumers);
b. Where are these health providers typical employed;
c. How do they learn about the jobs and/or post job openings;
d. How are their services marketed;
e. Training of these personnel;
f. Continuing educational training/requirements for these professionals;
g. What type of data they are collecting and what else they should be collecting;
h. Professional societies pertaining to the profession, purpose of the societies, and membership requirements;
i. How do they compare to the U.S. healthcare professionals/counterparts?

Minimum length of the report: 10 pages

Minimum number of references: 10


Countries: In Asia: India; China; Singapore; Qatar; Philippines; Vietnam; Pakistan; Bangladesh; Saudi Arabia; Oman; Yemen; Nepal; Sri Lanka; Kuwait; U.A.E.; Thailand
In Australia: Australia; New Zealand
In Europe: U.K.; France; Turkey; Sweden; Switzerland; Italy; Spain; Finland; Denmark;
Netherlands; Belgium; Slovakia; Austria; Croatia; Cypress; Germany; Ireland; Estonia; Russia;
In Latin America/South America: Bolivia; Brazil; Costa Rica; Mexico; Honduras; Cayman Islands

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