“in a survey of corporate employees, 76 percent thought it was ok to


Social Media Boundaries…what is appropriate?

Consider this discussion question:

“In a survey of corporate employees, 76 percent thought it was OK to friend another employee who was a peer. Only 35 percent thought it was OK to friend a supervisor, and only 30 percent thought it was OK to friend a supervisee.” Answer the following related questions:

  1. Do you think it is appropriate to “friend” a supervisor or supervisee on Facebook or another social networking website? What problems could arise by doing so? What work benefits might you achieve? What social boundaries should exist between supervisors and supervisees?
  2. Do you think the boundaries between private life and work life are blurred by communication technologies such as social networking? What standards or principles do you want to use to keep parts of your private life separate from your colleagues?
  3. Have you ever talked to your colleagues or classmates about your communication preferences? For example,do you prefer to text, talk, email or meeting? Which is most effective for you?


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