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Please  I submitted the following homework ,but the  Thesis Statement is incorrectly formulated, please can you just please reformulated the thesis ?  The Thesis Statement should start with smth like: “The purpose of this paper is…” or “This paper aims to…” 

Hook: Globally, 1 in every 6 elderly people residing in nursing and home care facilities have been subjected to various forms of nursing home abuse. Cases of nursing abuse among the elderly are rapidly increasing globally, with the rapid increase in ageing population. 2 out of every 3 nursing caregivers confess to have abused an elderly person living in nursing homes

. Background Information: Abuse among the elderly can lead to premature deaths, psychological challenges and serious injuries. The latter is predicted to rise, especially in countries with big elderly population; with global population of the elderly predicted to be approximately 2 billion people globally by 2050, thus increasing the cases of elderly abuse in nursing homes (Braaten & Malmedal, 2017).  Elderly abuse in nursing homecare facilities include sexual predation on the elderly, verbal harassment, physical abuse and neglect, which entails failing to deliberately deliver personalized attention like medical aid on the elderly. Detecting abuse among elderly people in nursing home facilities could be challenging. Due to the diverse nature of elderly people, with increased cases of mental instability, and health deterioration with old age, caregivers can go unnoticed upon abusing the elderly. Detecting abuse among elderly people in nursing homes therefore requires in-depth examination, ranging from interviewing the elderly, their family and friends, and focusing on observable traits that can signify possible abuse, like psychological stress and withdrawal.

Problem statement: This study therefore seeks to highlight the various strategies appropriate for detecting elderly abuse in nursing homes as well as ways of countering this menace in nursing homes.

Research Question: What can us as individuals as well as government agencies do to curb elderly abuse at nursing homes?

Hypothesis: treating the seniors in a respectful and non-abusive ways in nursing home is one way of improving their health. Nursing homes that treat their seniors in a respectful way have reported higher life expectancy than those where they are mistreated.

Thesis: Nursing homes are set up with an angle of helping the elderly. However exposing these elders to abuse shortens their life expectancy and makes it hard to bear with life normally. Ending abuse in children homes is thus a perfect way or increasing life expectancy in our society.