laber class 0

: You will complete one short paper, maximum 2 single pages in length, describing a case of unlawful discrimination. Once you learn what discrimination is unlawful (and what is lawful), you should talk to friends, relatives, fellow students, strangers — find someone who has a story from their workplace about discrimination against them, and then you will write that up – you will tell:

            First, the facts: who/what/where/when/why – just tell the story;

            Second, set forth the “prima facie” elements of the plaintiff’s case;

            Third, set forth the employer’s business justification for the alleged wrongful act;

            Fourth, tell if/why the business justification is just a pretext;

            Fifth, based on all that, state whether you think the discrimination was lawful or unlawful.


Two pages – whatever spacing you want, whatever font you want, whatever margins you want – the key is the content, not the format.

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