Ldrcb/535 competency 1 reflection | LDRCB/535 | University of Phoenix


Competency 1: Assess organizational culture to improve alignment between the culture, mission, vision, values, and strategies. This reflection activity is comprised of two sections, collectively totaling a minimum of 500 words. Complete your reflections by responding to all prompts.

Motivation in the Workplace

  • Describe a workplace situation in which you felt motivated to accomplish a task. What aspects of the organization and its vision helped you to feel motivated?
  • Have you ever experienced a time when you felt unmotivated in a workplace situation?
  • What aspects of the situation do you think caused you to feel that way, and how could changes in the organization’s vision have improved the situation?

Elements of Organizational Culture

  • Explain the importance of an organization’s mission, vision, psychological climate, values, and ethics and how they relate to its strategies.
  • How should these elements shape the organizational culture and develop the culture for change?
  • Provide a specific example to illustrate your explanation.

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