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Reflect back on a specific incident in the past when you reacted with anger, frustration, boredom, apathy or resignation because you were defeated. Maybe you failed a test, failed a relationship, lost your job, or experienced some other kind of setback. Recall all the emotions that led you to react with what Carol Dweck calls a fixed mindset. Explain the reasons for this reaction. Demonstrate that you understand Dweck’s fixed mindset and can apply it to the situation you chose. Then, visualize for the reader how you might have reacted with a growth mindset. Investigate how you could have used that challenge as an opportunity for growth.

Incorporate relevant background, concrete details, and descriptive language of the situation. Think of yourself as the major character in a narrative. Show what happened to you and what you did. Show the thoughts and feelings you had as these events occurred and how you explained these emotions and thoughts to yourself. Include a clear statement of the meaning of the story. Note that it is not enough to simply tell what happened; you must have a point of view or attitude toward the experience.

This is a narrative assignment.
All papers must be double-spaced. Type/Font should also be standard (not like cursive writing). Use size 12 font. Make sure that spacing is accurate. Do not use a title page. There is an MLA template available in Microsoft Word. Open MS Word and in the box type MLA template. You are not required to have a Works Cited page.

Place a four-line (single-spaced) information block at the top left corner of the first page of the paper. The block should contain the following:

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Dr. Hildenbrand 

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The text of a paper should begin two spaces under the information block. Indent five spaces the first line of each paragraph.

The paper should have an original title relevant to the unique content of your essay.

Make sure you proofread carefully. Check spelling, word usage, punctuation, grammar, and clarity.