Module one assignment | management science through spreadsheets | Southern New Hampshire University

QSO 320 Module One Assignment Guidelines and Rubric

Prompt: For this assignment, you will set up a spreadsheet to track labor costs for the given scenario below. This assignment will give you practice in setting up a basic spreadsheet with calculations and then linking that data to another tab (worksheet). You will also build upon the output from this assignment in future modules as you learn more concepts about spreadsheet functionality.

First, create an Excel spreadsheet and name the document “Labor Hours.” Label the first tab of the document Data. Then, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Data tab, create a table with the following information:
    1. a)  Employees’ names
    2. b)  Each employee’s hourly rate
    3. c)  The number of hours per day for five days for each employee
  2. Use basic formulas to calculate the following:
    1. a)  The total amount of hours each employee worked for five days
    2. b)  The labor cost for each employee
    3. c)  The total labor cost for the project
  3. Within the same document (workbook), set up a separate tab labeled Data Link. In this tab, set up a blank table and populate the table by linking the cells to the data from the table you created in the Data tab.
    Note: For this part of the assignment it may be tempting to simply copy and paste the table and formulas from the Data tab. However, it is important that you learn to link data from one tab to another. In the real world, you could have a spreadsheet with multiple tables on multiple tabs all pulling from the same dataset. If you copy data instead of linking it, you will have to update every table. However, if you link the data, all of the tables will automatically update if any of the data changes.
    Hint: On your separate worksheet, if you click on any cell that is importing data, you will see the name of the original worksheet (the name on the tab), followed by an exclamation point, before the cells are listed. For example: sheet1!A2.


You are examining labor costs for a construction project using eight employees:

  •   The eight employees’ names are: Smith, Rodriquez, Daniel, Eli, Lee, Kim, Buster, and Green.
  •   Each employee worked eight hours a day for five days.
  •   The employees’ wages per hour are as follows:
    o Smith:$8.95
    o Rodriguez:$11 
  • Daniel:$14
    o Eli:$16
    o Lee:$19
    o Kim:$20
    o Buster:$25
    o Green:$40