Peronsal swot ananalysis – fill the template attached

Introduction from Teacher:

We just learned the value of a SWOT analysis in this module for businesses.  Business people completing the SWOT typically use a template to sort their thoughts and write down what they are analyzing.  They include their completed template right in their business plan. 

Instructions – Your Academic SWOT Analysis:

A SWOT is a handy tool for individuals too.  People complete SWOTs to analyze their own personal strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to help them make important decisions.   

For this assignment, you will create your own academic SWOT analysis.    

Analyze your own internal Strengths and Weakness related to your current college situations. 

Analyze the external Opportunities and Threats (outside of your control) also related to college.

Example of one complete section.  Internal Strengths related to education:  


Persistent –  I take a full load of classes each semester, plus one more so I can graduate sooner.

Organized – I keep a written calendar with all my assignment start and due dates and sync it with my computer so I don’t miss anything.

Seek help when needed – I take advantage of the free tutoring services offered by the college, where I can share my draft work and get feedback to improve it. 

Focused – I can study anywhere, even when my roommates have friends over, on the bus, or when using the campus’s free WiFi lot.