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It’s difficult to have a discussion about Privacy without bringing up Edward Snowden in current day. This is why we are watching a more recent interview with Mr. Snowden (2019).

Watch the clip on YouTube from MSNBC:

There are a lot of issues that are discussed in the video, but I think there are a few key ideas here that touch on what security and privacy mean (blending this week and next week together). At 10:10 Snowden defines what National Security means, would you agree with this sentiment? He also mentions how internet traffic is now encrypted more often than in the past, do you believe this is a result from the 2013 NSA leaks and is that a good thing? Many would argue we are far more aware today about what happens to our data today than we were in 2013, how do you believe that has changed our perspectives on big data and privacy online? It is a long interview, feel free to address other questions or counterarguments in the discussion.