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New Job (Admissions Manager)

The problem with the new job opportunity is navigating through the interviewing process.  There are a series of three interviews.  The initial approach is to submit my resume and answer initial online questions to get the first interview.  Once I’ve made it to the initial interview, I will need to stand out from the other interviewees to proceed to the second interview.  The second interview consists of a technique board.  At the Technique interview, you have to show your knowledge of the industry by presenting a mini-information tour.  The tour is an example of what you would give to a potential student.  Once you have made it through this stage, the final interview is with a corporate headquarters manager.  The Corporate manager gives the definitive answer.  The job opportunity has an elaborate process.

The solutions are to connect with each interview audience positively set me apart from the other candidates.  In the beauty industry, it is always positive to show up dressed professionally with a trendy influence.  The industry is selling a dream of fashion and style.  Your appearance is the physical first impression.  Then, I will need to impress them with my knowledge and experience in the industry.  Present them with a community plan that will recruit new students to the school.  Lastly, I will need to research to see if I have any connections within the company for “Name Dropping,” as stated in chapter 3 (Canavor, 1).

The call to action is to ask for time frames for the next stage in the process.  After each interview, follow up with a thank you letter.  The end game is to receive an offer letter for the position.


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