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Please respond to the following accordingly , about 8 lines each wiih atleast a refrence

 Response 1

Knowledge they say is power, this has been my undying motivation to seek advancement in my career as well as overall life endeavor. Nursing has never been a profession I dreamt of venturing into when I was in the junior high school, my experience with the manner my grandmother was managed in the hospital during my early years when I had to stay with her in the hospital gave me the push to become a nurse. The hospital was a notable one, but the doctors spend little time with patients and many a time the patients and their relatives are too scared to ask doctors questions and express concerns, they seek solace and lay it all to the nurse both the positive and negative energy alike. Nurses with better understanding, knowledge and education tend to manage them better and it leads to a quick positive patient outcome. Institutions that have many advanced practice nurses do better with patient care and outcome.  

Becoming a nurse was a remarkable thing in my quest to getting to the height of my academic advancement, the vision, mission, and goals of Walden university is so structured that they are centered on helping individual to develop themselves and incorporate their skills, ability, and knowledge to transform the society and create a better environment for all. It directly correlates to my desire for self and personal growth   

Undergoing the MSN program is a way forward for every professional growth and development, this gives voice and a firm spot to stand on while trying to effect a change for the common good of society. The goals of Walden university explore the core of humanity and proffer a lasting solution to one’s in-depth desire to learn. It gives the opportunity and resources needed to achieve the height one tends to go professionally in life and equip one with the necessary skills needed as well Fraser R.(2010) 

The importance of professional networking cannot be over emphases’, it is the weapon that propels the growth and longevity of every profession. Information is shared, opportunity is created, people with common goals and interests are aligned with many other benefits. Moreover, every professional connection should be based on interactions that involve knowledge sharing and mutual professional development. Kyle Schmidt. (2018) The Walden university online platform provides such an opportunity for networking thereby enabling students to build strong links in school which will help in professional advancement  

One of the fundamental signs of student readiness is the commitment to seek lifelong learning and the ability to transform what one learns and the experience to produce a positive result for the growth of the community. Black, A. (2014). There are various academic and professional collaborators for success, the profession networking is an important avenue to foster professional success. In MSN program, the support system is the academic staff, the school library and resources including different links and most importantly the student and professional colleagues.

Response 2


I am currently enrolled in Walden University’s Masters of Science in Nursing with a concentration of Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. I have been a nurse for four years. Over that time, I have affirmed that nurses can promote social change and with advancing degrees, can advocate and implement evidence-based practice into services. I have also learned the importance of developing a professional network and how to utilize it to advance my career. Walden Universities vision relate to my professional and academic goals because the vision of Walden to prepare students for the ever changing 21st century (Walden University, n.d.-a). Also, Walden knows that people will not just be judged on having a higher-level degree, but will use that degree and knowledge in their everyday practice, ultimately creating and advancing the global good. The mission of Walden University aligns with my professional goals of allowing people of all backgrounds and opportunity to advance themselves and promote change with in their community. The goals of Walden University align with me both academically and professionally, Walden utilizes the different experiences that students bring to the table; we can all learn from each other which is one positive aspect of nursing, in that we obtain differing experiences throughout our professional practice. I try to incorporate this notion into my professional practice, as my colleagues have varied experiences and I learn from them almost every day, and I often have the opportunity to teach my colleagues. I also believe that advanced practice nurses should be well versed in current research to implement treatment and use at the bedside level. I hope that all advance practice nurses are cognizant of social variation and use this advanced education to advocate for all people to receive the best treatment available. One professional reason that I decided to become an advance practice nurse is to help people who may have been historically undeserved in the healthcare system. This does is not just the poor, but socially stigmatized people, such as being of the LGBTQIA+ community, or of differing religious beliefs, or of various ethnic backgrounds.  

            Nurse practitioners provide organizations with the ability to provide high-quality healthcare at a lower cost than employing a physician. With the increasing physician shortage, mid-level providers are filling in those gaps. Nurse practitioner present a unique opportunity, because in many states nurse practitioners can practice independently, allowing them to serve areas that are under-served by physician services. The learning outcomes that Walden has created for their MSN programs, promotes the independence of the advanced practice provider (Walden University, n.d.-b). Walden also wants to promote and educate advanced practice nurses on cost-effective healthcare strategies, which in turn will help reduce the healthcare gaps between patient/ populations.

            Networking, whether social or professional, is important for everyone. Nursing is no exception. Professional networking is one of the best ways for nurses to find jobs and for career advancement (Schmidt, n.d.). Professional networks provide mentorship, support, and teamwork opportunities to nurses (Sherman & Cohn, 2018). Professional networks are crucial for quality patient care. Healthcare requires evidence-based practice, but variations exist due to deep-rooted beliefs, that are not evidenced-based or are current. Working with these limitations, nurses and patients are dealing with less-than-optimal care. Nurse are then forced to research/develop their own evidence-based practice. Consistency in evidence-based practice has shown to improve patient care. Being a part of a professional network does not always spike everyone’s interest, such as those who are introverted. Many introverts, such as myself, try and avoid networking events because it is outside of my comfort zone. Sherman and Cohn (2018) note that many people would rather talk than listen, so introverts should be comfortable listening to others. Wofford (2018), says that those who hate networking should be involved in social media, Facebook groups, become an influencer, volunteer, attend conferences, have a signature look, ask for a connection, have networking cards, be ahead of the curve, and practice. As an introvert, it is hard for me to be in large crowds of people for a networking event, but I am involved with several networking groups on social media, I am an active volunteer with the Delaware Medical Reserve Corps (this allows me to network with healthcare professionals from all over the State of Delaware). Lastly, I always practice having conversations with groups prior to the group meeting; I practice different responses and scenarios. Professional networking is essential to nurses, and I will need to be more comfortable with this as I advance in to the role of the advance practice provider.