Review paper 9 pages | Ecology homework help

I need a 9 page paper review on ”Climate change coral reefs algae” in 24hrs. Ive included the 11 primary literatures, they all must be used, no additional articles/literaturs can be used. the topic must be explained clearly. I need explanations on 5 of the figures in the provided articles to be included in the 9 page paper . Do not include the figures in the paper just the explanation. No plagerizing, no excessive citation,

 Introduction the topic – explain climate change/ ocean acidification 

A. Climate change, ocean warming and ocean acidification (Hallegraeff, Fong, or other paper with general info on climate change) 

B. Impacts of climate change on marine algae (Harley, Hallegraeff, Harvey, McNicholl) 

C. Impacts of climate change on marine seagrasses ( Unsworth, Frederick) 

D. Impacts of climate change on coral – algal interactions (Doropoulos, Rolfer, Roth, Silverstein) 

Conclusion Let’s re-organize the outline similar to above.