Rhetorical precis worksheet and essay hook

Rhetorical Precis Worksheet


STEP ONE: Write a single sentence that expresses 

a.The author’s name, title of his or her work, and date of work, 

b. An appropriate verb (refer to the list of signal phrase verbs in your handbook or at various Writing Center websites). 

c. A “that” clauses expressing the work’s main argument/thesis. 

STEP TWO: Write a single sentence that expresses how the writer develops and supports this main argument/thesis.

 STEP THREE: Write a single sentence that expresses the writer’s purpose followed by an “in order to” phrase that expresses why the writer has this purpose (what effect the writer intends).

 STEP FOUR: Write a single sentence that identifies the writer’s intended audience and/or the relationship the writer establishes with the audience.






Write a hook using the four answers