Social studies project | Education homework help

 Project Objective: This project is designed to develop in the students a greater awareness of humans as a resource, what the study of demographics entails, and the importance of studying population trends. 

Using an online questionnaire platform such as survey monkey or google forms and the students in ONE of your classes (identify class 20 students) as the interview subjects, conduct a census of their immediate families and present your findings in a report. Show the following information:
A questionnaire (census form) comprising 9 questions will be used to gather the needed population data. (9pts)Draw a bar graph to show the proportion of males to females in the population.(6 pts)In the 0-17 age groupIn the 18- 64 age group In the over 65 age group

       3.  Draw a pie chart to indicate the following:(6 pts)Religion of the population.Ethnicity of the population.Education level of the population. 

      4.  Which age group has the highest percentage, and lowest percentage? Suggest ONE 
            reason why you think this is so. (3pts)

      5. Summary Report (10pts)
Use a minimum of ONE paragraph to summarize the findings of the census. 
(i ) Describe the procedures used to conduct the census. 
(ii)State ONE importance of conducting a census in a country.
Cover page with picture illustration. (1pt)