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In this TAMS assignment, you will be using the skills you have learned in this class to analyze a news media report. The assignment consists of two parts (Part I – presentation and Part II – discussion) and a preparation survey.

You will be presenting the critique of your media report to your classmates by recording your presentation. You will be using either Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides to present for 3-7 minutes. 

Part I: Creating a presentation

To evaluate your news report, please use the questions and explanations listed in the Critiquing the Media Criteria document download. If you work by yourself, then you will need to find two things to criticize about your news report and two things that you feel the report did well for a total of four items.

Only two formats will be allowed for your presentation, either a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation or a Google Slides presentation

Here is a sample of a critique of a news report along with a link to the original story.


Here is the original article (Links to an external site.)   


 on which this presentation is based. 

You can adapt either the sample PowerPoint or the Google slides presentation for your presentation by making a copy of the document. Feel free to change the color scheme or background if you are a more advanced user of either of these formats and want to make the presentation your own, but it is also fine to stick to the sample format.