Technology proposal | Information Systems homework help


As the head of a department, you have been tasked to do a proposal for a technology based implementation in order to, improve functionality, save cost or increase the security for a particular area of the company. This implementation can be something your current place of employment needs or a made-up “what if” scenario that you imagine a small/large company would want.

Some examples could be:

1. New inventory management system to keep track of assets.

2. Cloud hosting solutions.

3. Backup solutions and/or security software implementations.

For the first part of the project you will be responsible for obtaining the following information:

1. Current issues and or difficulties faced which would merit the need for the proposal.

 Be as descriptive as possible with regard to the current issue.

 You should be asking yourselves questions like: How is it working now? How inefficient it is compared to other systems? Is this a sizeable enough change that would merit an investment?

2. Affected stakeholders from the implementation of the project.

Who is impacted by the project, both positive and negatively.

 How will the individuals mentioned above, be impacted.

 Will people be replaced or need additional training to transition to the new system? How will it affect other areas of the business?

3. Proposed solutions to address the current issue.

 More than one solution must be presented. Remember, sometimes what could be considered as an absurd idea needs to be documented in order to make sure that they are not viable solutions.

This first part of the project will be peer reviewed, meaning that a fellow student from the class will be assigned to read your material and write suggestions/pointers on what you presented (more information on this will be provided once this part of the assignment becomes available). They will also be able to provide a grade to your proposal, which will be taking in to consideration but will not dictate your final score for the first part of the assignment. Please note that students that don’t participate in the review process will not obtain the full grade for the second part of the project.


The first part of the project length must be 2 to 4 pages long. Keep in mind that in a real life scenario, too short of a proposal might not collect enough confidence in your ability to explore for a solution, while too long of a documentation could distract your supervisors from the important parts of the system.

MLA format.


· Size 12

· Either Calibri or Arial

· 1.5 line paragraph spacing.

· Spellchecked