The goal is for you to demonstrate your problem solving and


The goal is for you to demonstrate your problem solving and communication skills through the application of what you have learned to a state-wide issue. Your response will be evaluated on clarity, depth, and balance.

Your response should be no more than 2 pagessingle-spaced, 1” margins, Font – Arial 11 (not including references) and should include the bulleted section headers from items below (e.g. Background, etc).

There is a major public health concern about the prevalence of elevated blood pressure and hypertension across the state. Dr. Emily would like for you to design an effective strategy for reducing elevated blood pressure and hypertension via a community-wide intervention that targets the problem across the lifespan (i.e. includes all ages).

Develop a community-wide intervention to reduce elevated blood pressure and hypertension in the State of Alabama that includes the following:

  • Background (Describe elevated blood pressure/hypertension in Alabama across all age groups.)
  • Objectives of the intervention (What will be the measurable targets for the intervention? Where will you aim your efforts?)
  • Approaches to be used for the intervention (What methods will you use to intervene with the targeted communities or age-groups? i.e. evidence-based strategies)
  • Potential community partners and their contribution (Name at least 2 potential community partners to work with your organization that are positioned to bolster the success of the intervention. What will they contribute?)
  • Potential challenges or facilitators to the intervention (What are potential costs, benefits, return on investment? What are potential obstacles to implementation? What are potential facilitators (i.e. things already in place) to the intervention?)
  • Evaluation plan for the intervention (How will the success of the interventionbe measured? What is the primary outcome? What are the secondary outcomes?)…