The important role played by marketing


Essay, please first briefly give an example of an organization that is in a difficult situation (broadly defined).  The organization can be the one you work for, currently or in the past, or one you read about in a newspaper or other media.  Then, discuss how you would use one or two of the activities/strategies/tactics discussed in the videos in the “Introduction to marketing” video series to help the organization solve its problem.  Videos discuss, Product, Price, Place & Promotion;The Marketing Mix for examples.

Since most people think marketing is advertising or selling, I would like to see your discussion to be centered on something else (marketing research, pricing, product design, or distribution are possible examples).

The scope of the issues that you want to discuss is up to you.  For instance, the problem that the organization is facing can be something major or relatively minor. The marketing activities you would recommend the company to consider can be wide or narrow in scope too.