This debate intends to explore what we have so far learned about the


Discussion 1 Individual and collectives

Che Guevara, a major protagonist of the Cuban revolution, believed that revolutionary internationalism could change the world. Sergio, the fictional protagonist of Memories of underdevelopment, felt alienated by the revolution.

This debate intends to reflect on and compare the points of view of Che and Sergio. The goal is to explore what a revolution is, how different people approach it, and how individuals and collectives can be transformed in the process.

Here are some questions to inspire your initial reflection: How do the two films portray revolutionary change? In what sense Che and Sergio represent points of view that agree or disagree? How do they regard the masses (collectives) of the people? How do the films reflect the challenge of participating in radical social reform? How can individuals be personally transformed by social transformation? (250-300 words) reply to 3 classmate’s post

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Discussion 2 “A complicated, contradictory place”

A Canadian scholar describes today’s Cuba in the following way: “A complicated, contradictory place, a combination of capitalism, communism, Third World, First World, and Other World, all at the same time.”

This debate intends to explore what we have so far learned about the Cuban approach to socialism and development through an analysis of its contradictions.

Think of a contradiction relevant to understand Cuba. (It can be one mentioned in course materials or a formulation of your own). In your own words, explain what you understand by it. Connect your analysis with readings and other learning materials. Use examples to illustrate your point. Also, reflect on whether that contradiction is specific to Cuba or can also appear in different societies. (250-300 words) reply to 3 classmates’s post

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