Unit ii discussion board | DBA 7301 Critical Thinking | Columbia Southern University

Please let it be your own work and not copy and paste off of someone work or article. Please watch out for spelling errors and grammar errors. Please use APA format. This is a DBA course so it has to done on this level. Please follow all the professor instructions.

Book reference:  
Gray, D. E. (2020). Doing research in the business world (2nd ed.). SAGE. https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781529700527 


Business research offers managers reliable information that helps to fill a gap in knowledge. By testing theories and putting substantiated studies in managers’ hands, business research improves decision-making.

Managers go through steps in their decision-making. These steps take managers’ thoughts through three stages as they develop into a strategy. See the steps below.

  1. Identify challenges or opportunities.
  2. Select and enact a course of action.
  3. Evaluate the course of action.

Using the ABI/INFORM Collection database in the CSU Online Library,  find an article on a subject that you are interested in that is based on the “Corporate Frauds”. The article from the ABI/INFORM Collection database must come from a scholarly journal.

Copy and paste the problem and purpose statement from the article to the discussion board, and then discuss how the article can help managers’ decision-making regarding information that fills a gap in knowledge.