Urgent – need assistance w/ discussion post on diversity – due

This is due tomorrow and I need help. Please see the discussion questions that need to be answered by tomorrow. I have attached the course resources, which must be referenced. APA format and a minimum of 300-400 words (1-1 1/2 pages).

Please respond to the following questions. Use and cite at least 2 of the week’s resources in your response.

· What are some of the “single stories” we have in our culture about LGBTQIA+ people in our culture? How did you learn these stories?

· Consider the last 2-3 movies or TV shows you have watched. How many LGBTQIA+ characters were represented in them? How were these characters portrayed compared to straight characters?

· If you were a television or movie executive or director, how could you improve diversity in your industry? Why might this be important?