Us african american history | American history homework help

They should be about two pages typed minimum for each question. Make sure you answer each of the questions you have chosen fulling, using examples from the texts, Creating Black Americans and Major Problems in African American History. 

1. Discuss the change in African American society created by the Great Migration.  How did black people’s lives change socially, politically, economically and artistically (including the Harlem Renaissance)? Explain the difference between life in the North and the South for African Americans and the difficulties each group faced. What did each group do to improve their situation?

2. During the 20th century, two of the major strains of civil rights for African Americans included black separatism (Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Black Panther Party) and racial integration (WEB DuBois, NAACP, Martin Luther King Jr., SCLC, SNCC).  Describe these two strains, including the major arguments for each.  Which do you feel has been more successful?  Were both ideas necessary in order to accomplish the goal of equal rights for African Americans?

3. How have African Americans used art, music and literature to express themselves in the 20th and 21st centuries?  Using examples from our texts what periods have spawned the most artistic creativity?  Why?  What periods do not seem to be as represented by artistic movements and why? Does art and music inspire political action or reflect it?