Watch the video then answer the questions listed below.


The Mongols: World History Crash Course #17

1. The Mongols conquered more land in ______________ than the Romans did in 400 and controlled more than ________________________ contiguous square miles.

2. Genghis Khan was born around _________ with the name______________.  His father was poisoned to death, he killed one of his older brothers during an argument, and he married his wife at age _____.  After she was captured, he rescued her, proving his military mettle along the way and becoming leader of his tribe.

3. What two innovations allowed Genghis Khan/Temujin to unite the Mongol confederation through civil war?

4. In 1206, Temujin was declared the ___________________, the leader of all the Mongols.

5. What was the process in which Temujin was declared the ruler?

6. After uniting the Mongols, Genghis Khan went on to conquer a lot of territory.  By the time he died in 1227, his empire stretched from the Mongol homeland in _____________ all the way to the ________________________.

6. Genghis Khan’s army was built on _________ and ________________.

7. What were some of the Mongols’ military characteristics/accomplishments?

8. Which of the ten “awesome”/”not awesome” attributes of the Mongols did you find the most interesting?  Explain why.

9. The Mongols promoted ___________, ___________________, and tolerance, but they also promoted _________________ and senseless destruction.

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