Week 2: course project draft 1

The Course Project for MKTG425 is a sales plan that includes designing a sales organization structure, code of ethics, communications policy, lead generation plan, sales call policy, presentation strategy, training plan, relationship management plan, and internal communications policy.

You may do your project on any of the following.

  • An imaginary business that you could start
  • A potential business that you plan to start
  • An existing business that does not have a sales plan

You’ll also need to select a product for the business to sell.

Because this course is about personal selling and sales management, your Course Project is to be written from the perspective of a sales manager who is pursuing the financial and ethical goals of the organization while simultaneously keeping a sales force productive and motivated.

Include the sections listed below with each respective draft, and use the section titles as headings in the body of your paper.

Week: Draft
Section Title
Topic Prompts
Week 2: Draft 1Sales Organization Structure

  1. Design a sales organization focused on relationship selling by
  2. segmenting an industry and market in which your sales force will compete; and
  3. outlining a sales strategy that addresses legal and ethical implications.

Code of Ethics

  1. Evaluate business ethics from personal and professional perspectives.
  2. Create a code of ethics that considers the values and needs of all stakeholders.

Communications Policy

  1. Analyze buyer behavior within target markets and industries.
  2. Select appropriate channels in B2B and B2C markets.
  3. Create a communications plan that utilizes current communication technologies.

Your paper must be in APA seventh edition format for all submissions. Each draft must include the topics listed below.

Please use the following file naming convention for your upload: MKTG425 Draft # Last Name (e.g., MKTG425 Draft 2 Smith).

Your final draft should be a maximum of 10 pages in length not including title page, table of contents, references page, or any appendices. Therefore, each draft’s length may vary, but in general, should not exceed two pages. This is a short paper format that will require you to be concise with your writing.

For Drafts 1–3, submit only those sections designated in the Outlines section above. For the Final Draft, however, please incorporate Drafts 1–3 at the beginning of the paper so your final submission is one cohesive paper including all sections listed below.

  1. Title Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Sales Organization Structure
  4. Code of Ethics
  5. Communications Policy
  6. Lead Generation Plan
  7. Sales Call Policy
  8. Presentation Strategy
  9. Sales Negotiation Strategy
  10. Relationship Management Plan
  11. Internal Communications Policy
  12. References

1 Draft: 2 Pages